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The 237th IDEC Asia Seminar


The 237th IDEC Asia Seminar

[boc_heading]The 237th IDEC Asia Seminar[/boc_heading]

Dear Graduate Students of GELs (Global Environmental Leader Education Program for Designing a Low Carbon Society) – IDEC Hiroshima University

This is to inform you that the 237th IDEC Asia Seminar will be held on 22nd June as follows:


Title       :  “Integrated Rural and Agricultural Landscape Management in Indonesia”

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo Arifin, Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) / Visiting Professor of IDEC, Hiroshima University

Venue   : Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences, K305

Date     : June 22, 2012

Time    : 16.20 – 17.50

Organizer : Prof. Nobukazu Nakagoshi

Inquiry     : Ima Yudin Rayaningtyas ( rayaningtyas@gmail.com)


— Kaori Taka

HICEC office, IDEC, Hiroshima Univ.