Kegiatan Internasional

Kegiatan Internasional



Double Degree •               Regional Planning Science & Landscape Architecture with GSA & GSGES Kyoto University

•               Landscape Architecture with Chiba University

Credit transfer/earning •               AIMS (Kasetsart Univ, UPM, TUAT, Ibaraki, Tsukuba, Sophia), Chiba Univ, Kagoshima Univ, Goettingen Univ, SUIJI (Ehime, Kagawa, Kochi)

•               ACICIS (La Trobe Univ, University of Western Sidney Australia)

Internship Kyoto University, Gottingen University, NPUST (Taiwan), Ohio (USA)
KKP (Service learning) SUIJI (Ehime, Kagawa, Kochi)
Short/Summer Course Ibaraki Univ, Mie Univ, Shiga Univ, Lincoln Univ
Short visit Study visit, workshop, seminar
Research Thesis research, collaboration research


Jumlah mahasiswa inbound/outbond

Year Outbound Inbound
2011 5
2012 2 8
2013 8 14
2014 10 17
2015 5 5
2016 5 19

Daftar PenerimaFully Funded Students

1 Inez Havirsa Agriculture/Soil Science
2 Muhammad Arifianto Agriculture /Agronomy And Horticulture
3 Siva Fauziyya Agriculture /Landscape Architecture
4 Nabilah Amany Samsurizal Forestry/Forest Resource Conservation
5 Rizky Akbar Maharoesman Agricultural Tech/Mechanical And Biosystem Engineering


Daftar Penerima Partially Funded Students (Allowance Only)

1 Angga Prastio Aji Agriculture /Landscape Architecture
2 Afifa Karima Agriculture /Landscape Architecture
3 Aziaria Julia Azzahra Rambe Agriculture /Agronomy And Horticulture
4 Cindy Aprilla Putri Agriculture /Plant Protection
5 Rasis Putra Ritonga Forestry/Forest Product Technology
6 Septian Ventura Agricultural Tech/Agric. Industry
7 Bunga Rana Agricultural Tech/Food Science
8 Nadhilah Fathur Rahman Agricultural Tech/Mechanical And Biosystem Engineering
9 Immas Yuli Andani Natural Science/Biology
10 Ludhini Volva Human Ecology/Family And Consumer Science