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Double Master’s Degree Program 2021


Double Master’s Degree Program 2021

Double Master’s Degree Program 2021

Now Open Registration for September 2021 Departure to Kyoto University

This is collaboration program between IPB University and Kyoto University, especially Graduate School of Agriculture (GSA) and Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (GSGES). In this program student will have a chance to pursue 2 master’s degree within 3 years. The general schedule is like this: 2020-2021 at IPB University, 2021-2022 at Kyoto University, and 2022-2023 at IPB University – must finish on time. The elected students must write 2 theses to gain both degrees. Certificates of completion (ijazah) will be given once the study in both universities has finished. During the stay in Kyoto, awardee will receive scholarship. Check more detailed scheme of this program in the Guideline (Notes section). This program will accept 4 students in total: 2 in GSA and 2 in GSGES.

Eligible applicants

  1. Having completed a bachelor’s degree
  2. GPA in undergraduate program must be 3.00 at minimum
  3. Currently in first/second semester of master’s program in IPB University (starting the study in August 2020)
  4. No more than 35 years old on April 1, 2021
  5. Having proficiency in English communication skills
  6. Be in good health
  7. Not be already enrolled in another double degree program
  8. Students from all study programs in IPB may apply if in line with laboratories in GSA or GSGES


Required documents

  1. Application form https://bit.ly/DDP2021appform
  2. Educational and employment background https://bit.ly/DDP2021background
  3. Bachelor diploma and academic transcript in English
  4. Academic transcript of first semester in English (current master’s program) if available
  5. 2 recommendation letters https://bit.ly/DDP2021recommendation
  6. Permit letter/certificate signed by your supervisor, or the head of your study program if you do not have a supervisor
  7. Certificate of English proficiency (minimum 500 for TOEFL ITP, 64 for TOEFL iBT, or 6 for IELTS)
  8. Statement of purpose https://bit.ly/DDP2021purpose
  9. Health Certificate in English, Student ID card, & passport ID page


Important dates

  1. Deadline of document submission: January 20, 2021 23.59 WIB. Submit all required documents here https://bit.ly/DDP2021gform
  2. Interview with IPB lecturers: January 23-29, 2021 (informed later via email) probably via Zoom
  3. Some laboratories of Kyoto University probably will conduct the interview within April – June 2021
  4. Final announcement: April – June 2021 (cannot be ascertained for now)
  5. Elected students will depart to Kyoto University in September 2021.



  • Read carefully the guideline of this program here https://bit.ly/DDP2021guidelinebook
  • Consider carefully about your decision to join this program, make sure that you will not obtain any serious academic problem in the future
  • All required documents must be submitted as .pdf with 300 dpi or more if the text is too small
  • If there is a different information between guideline, poster, and webpage, the on-webpage one is more accurate
  • In the application form point 7, mention that you are the active student of IPB and mention the name of workplace/organization if you are now a full-time worker.
  • In the application form point 8, the applicant is required to write the PROPOSED LABORATORY (e.g. Crop Science/GSA, Terrestrial Ecosystems Management/GSGES, etc). Since GSA and GSGES have different name of administration hierarchy, we provide a guidance below about how to fill the row of ‘department’, ‘division’, ‘laboratory’, and ‘supervisor’. This is only to make the application easier. Please check the laboratory name in the following link.

GSA https://www.kais.kyoto-u.ac.jp/english/overview/members/

GSGES https://www2.ges.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en/faculty/members/

Guidance https://bit.ly/DDP2021guidance




Yuri 081313891835

Ardy 085311112256


Lecturers in charge

Dr. Ernan Rustiadi – Coordinator of IPB-KU Collaboration

Dr. Nurhayati – Program-specific Associate Professor

Dr. Andrea Emma Pravitasari – Program-specific Assistant Professor