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The Strategic Role Of Universities

The strategic role of universities can be realized through the three principal responsibiltities of higher education, namely Education, Research and Community Services. This is in accordance with the message in the Law No 20 / 2003 concerning the National Education System that says higher education is required to carry out education, research, community services (Pasal 20 ayat 2). Through the Tri Dharma Pendidikan, higher education must be able to utilize educational process in such a way that all the students can develop to become graduates as qualified human resources that have perfect competition intellectually, professionally, socially, morally, and personally. The second Dharma is doing research. Higher education must be able to realize it as an academic scientific institution that can produce various innovative findings thorugh research activities. Through research activities the high education can develop itself and give real contribution for the development of science and application in various ways of reform. Then the third Dharma is community services, namely the existence of a higher education must be able to give benefits to people’s progress. This means that the existence of a higher education must give benefits to the suurounding community, locally, regionally, and nationally. This third Dharma can be carried out by making people understand according to their field, so that campus intellectual people can become instant persons that can live and develop in the global era.
The position and role of higher education that are noble and strategic can reflex the level of civilization of the nation. A nation will develop in line with the progress of its higher education. Seldom in this world does a developed country not have a developed university. A developed university wherever it is always heps a nation to produce progress. This relationship is so strong and unified that the progress of the nation’s development is always supported by intellectuals. From the results of research and the framework of thinking there is a concept that is used as an enhancing factor and a trigger for a change of the community.

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